Oil Water Separators Advantages

Coalescing Media in an Oil Water Separator.

HD Q-PAC® has the following advantages when compared to traditional corrugated type and inclined plate type coalescing media used in oil water separators. 132 ft2/ft3 of effective coalescing surface. Removes over 99.9% of oil droplets 20 microns and larger. Meets both EPA Method 413.2 and European Standard EN 858-1 (99.99% removal of free oil).

The combination of 90° angle of repose, with round smooth vertical surfaces and 87% void volume provide excellent self-cleaning and anti-plugging properties in oil water separators with heavy sludge, dirt and biological growth loadings.

Polypropylene construction allows operating temperatures up to 212°F (100°C).

Optimized design allows oil to coat the entire surface of HD Q-PAC® media, unlike corrugated and inclined plate media in which much of the surface is unavailable for coalescing of rising oil droplets.

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