Oil Water Separator Sizing

Size ranges for an oil water separator.

Oil water separators come in all sizes for different applications. They range from 1 gpm units which can process an oily water mixture from a small car repair shop to 500-1000 GPM for a large truck or locomotive washing operation.

Oil water separator sizes will vary depending on the type of separators. If the separator is the simple separation tank type, the size of the unit has to be much larger to allow the oily water mixture to gravity separate.

The most common approach to the design of oil / water separators is to configure parallel corrugated plates that cause the oil droplets to increase in size, thereby speeding the gravity separation process. Hydro Quip uses a unique Unipack cross-fluted design with an internal structure of interconnecting channels having many crossing points between adjacent plates. This produces enhanced efficiencies in significantly smaller units. Hydro Quip's Unipack construction requires a unit with only 5,000 gallon capacity to produce the same yield of a traditional separator unit with 15,000 gallon capacity at a flow rate of 500 gallons per minute.

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