Oil Water Separators Advantages

Coalescing Media in an Oil Water Separator.

When it comes to oil water separators, HD Q-PAC® offers several notable advantages over traditional corrugated and inclined plate coalescing media. One key advantage is its impressive effective coalescing surface area of 132 ft2/ft3. With such a large surface area, HD Q-PAC® excels at removing over 99.9% of oil droplets measuring 20 microns and larger. It has been tested and proven to meet the strict standards set by EPA Method 413.2 and European Standard EN 858-1, ensuring a remarkable 99.99% removal of free oil.

The unique design of HD Q-PAC® sets it apart from other types of coalescing media. Its 90° angle of repose, combined with round and smooth vertical surfaces, along with an impressive 87% void volume, contribute to excellent self-cleaning and anti-plugging properties. This is particularly advantageous in oil water separators that experience heavy sludge, dirt, and biological growth loadings.

Furthermore, HD Q-PAC® is constructed using polypropylene, which allows it to withstand operating temperatures of up to 212°F (100°C). This high-temperature tolerance ensures the media's longevity and performance even in demanding environments.

Another noteworthy aspect of HD Q-PAC® is its optimized design, which enables oil to evenly coat the entire surface of the media. This is a significant advantage over corrugated and inclined plate media, where a significant portion of the surface remains unavailable for coalescing rising oil droplets.

In summary, HD Q-PAC® offers numerous advantages that make it an exceptional choice for oil water separators. Its large coalescing surface area, high oil removal efficiency, compliance with stringent standards, self-cleaning properties, and ability to withstand high temperatures all contribute to its superior performance. Additionally, its optimized design ensures efficient oil droplet capture, setting it apart from traditional coalescing media options.

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